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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspirational sentences[5]

  • Future is not what we planned for tomorrow.
    It’s the result of what we do today .
    Do best in present and enjoy your Future. _______________________________________________
  • “Don’t aim to be slave in Heaven
    Aim to be the king of hell”

  • “Your birth may be common
    but death should be a history “
    -Saddam Hussein
  • Four facts to live better life.
    Never say sorry to one who likes you
    never say bye to one who needs you.
    never blame the one who really you.
    never forget the one who always remember you.
  • Absence is the best presence,
    because if people are absent,
    then you miss them and if you miss them and
    if you miss them that means they are present in your heart …
  • In the game of life ,
    it’s not important to hold all the good friends.
    But its more important how good you behave with the friends which you hold!
  • A smile & a silence are two parts of life .
    When you smile you solve many problems &
    in seconds…
    when you are silent you avoid many problems!