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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inspirational sentences [6]

  • No one can go back & change a bad beginning, but any one can start anything anytime and create a successful ending !!!
  • Diamond and gold doesn’t give beauty.
    Only golden heart and a diamond smile gives read beauty:
    so always keep smiles.
  • When muddy water is still ,
    mud goes down & it is seen clear,
    so if we are calm in difficulties ,
    they will gradually disappear, just let it settle.
  • Remember the time when we use to say :
    “let’s meet and plan something”
    now are the days where we say :
    “lets plan and meet someday “
    friends are same , just priorities change.
  • When times never stop for us then
    why do we always wait for the right time ??
    no time is wrong to do the right things!
  • Don’t cry if the world refuses to help you remember Einstein:
    “I’M thankful to all those who said no its because of them I did it myself”.
    Don’t see other as doing better than yourself , beat yours own records, everyday you will surely get success is a flight between you were you are.
  • Fuller challenger confidently thinking:
    “if I can’t ,who can”
    but after winning be humble 2 say:
    “it I can ,who can’t.

    Posted By:  Chetan Sankhala
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