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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspiring Quotes

  • Perfect Description Of Trust :
    Giving Someone The Ability To Destroy U Completely
    Being Confident
    That She/He Won't Do That.
  • Always learn compromises...
    Because its better to bend slightly, rather 2 break the relation forever.
  • Heart touching Quote:
    Force can make everything possible in World,
    But it can't create single drop of Love in any 1's Heart..
  • You Celebrate Wen u Win..
    But Do Same Wen u Lose,
    You've Given a Chance 4 Someone 2 Celebrate.Tats ATTITUDE....
  • If you cant explain it simply,
    you don't understand it well enough...
  • Its not a Mistake to do a Mistake but its a Mistake to repeat a Mistake.
  • Don't Lower your Goals To The Level of Your Abilities, Instead, Raise Your Abilities To The Height of Your Goals 
  • My "Aim" in life is:

    Die young when I am very old.
  • In each single day
    V smile n laugh so many times.
    V never thank GOD after every smile
    but we do complain Him for every tear we cry.
  • A Fantastic Sentence written
    on every Japanese Bus Stop..
    "Only Buses will Stop Here,not your Time..
    So Keep Walking 2wards your Goal"
  • Death is nothing,
    but to live defeated and without glory is to die every day
  • Attitude defined in a best way-
    I just love it, when someone hates me for no reason
    I just hate it, when someone love me for a reason..

Inspirational sentences[4]

  • Tiger step back before it Jump Forward,
    So whenever Life pulls you back,
    don’t worry..It’s going to lead you forward to victory.
  • If everyone is happy with you,
    Surely You have made a lot of Compromises in your Life.
  • Everyone will not get everything,
    This is the way of life ..
    Don’t try to get which is not yours,
    But don’t dare to loose which is yours.
  • Dreams visit us when we are in a sleep,
    but God is truly wise,
    he wakes up each day & gives chance to make our dreams come true.
  • No one will manufacture a lock without its key,
    similarly God want give any problems without solution.
    so be fearless & face the challenges.
  • Face challenges confidently thinking
    “If I can’t, who can”
    but after winning be Humble to say
    “If can, who can’t”
    Helping hands are better then praying Lie.
  • The biggest enemy of success id the fear of Failure,
    when Fear knocks send Faith to open the door,
    Let the success be yours.