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Monday, December 02, 2019

Are You In War With Mind

Have you ever feel a war with the mind?
The mind produces a lot of thoughts at a time based on our experience from the past and our wishes or expectation from the future. It barely is at present moment nowadays.

The consequence of being in overthinking state is,
  • It's to difficult to be focused on the current work we are doing. 
  • Always wondering in past and future even if we are attending very important functions. 
  • Not able to concentrate on the discussions we had in our daily life.
  • Not getting the best results even if we put so much hard work on things.
  • Forget things we just spoke with colleagues
  • Starting to feel heavy in mind. 
  • Regret past that I missed enjoying that moment


We Indians will have few solutions for every problem


Keep faith in God, he will take care of everything, you can do nothing and everything is his hands. this actually works for a very short period of time.
But after a few days, the problem repeats itself.


Early stages of meditation,
We start reading articles on how to do meditation, see YouTube videos from different mentors. Try all the method.

we start with controlling thoughts. But we forget that millions of thoughts come in a single day. While controlling every thought we make our mind even worse.


Take control of the mind instead of thoughts. Start practising focus on a single thought at a time. Your mind became very relaxed while practising this.
Looks easy, isn't it?  Not really.

Just start looking at your one finger for a few minutes. Do not think of anything else. Do it for as much time as you came. Be honest with yourself.

How much time you think about the only finger not anything else.? Be honest.
I swear that you might not complete even a single minute.

Why it happens? Our mind is more complex than we think. You realize that you are not able to focus on single thoughts even a single minute. When you try to focus on a single thought, the mind puts more related thoughts in front of you.

First, we need to understand how the mind works.
See you in part 2.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Take advantage of your own strengths

Everyone is different, so what works for you may well be different than what works for everyone else. You may work best in the morning or late at night. Take advantage of your own strengths, and find ways to compensate for your weaknesses. Experiment with listening to music while you work. I use the free WinAMP player, which can stream commercial-free radio directly to my computer all day long with a variety of channels to choose from. I find that classical and new age music, especially Mozart, is terrific for web development work. But for most routine tasks, listening to fast-paced techno/trance music helps me work a lot faster. I don't exactly know why, but I'm twice as productive when listening to really fast music as compared to listening to no music. On the other hand, music with vocals is detrimental to my productivity because it's too distracting. And when I really need to focus deeply, I'll listen to no music at all. Try a simple experiment for yourself, and see if certain forms of music can increase your productivity. For me the difference was dramatic.

Whenever you come up with a wacky new idea for increasing your productivity, test it and see what effect it has. Don't dismiss any idea unless you've actually tried it. Partial successes are more common than complete failures, so each new experiment will help you refine your time management practices. Even the ongoing practice of conducting experiments will help condition you to be more productive.

Credit: http://www.stevepavlina.com/articles/do-it-now.htm