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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ultimate Power of Thanking

Thanking! Yes it is ‘Thanking ’, not ‘Thinking’. Thanking means saying ‘Thank You’, being grateful to someone or showing gratitude for someone.

If one had helped you, you should be thankful to him by saying this words “Thank You”.

Now you think what big deal in saying is or not saying “thanks” nut believe me it’s a very bug deal in it. When you say “Thanks” to anyone who ad helped you. she will be happy and thinks that you have considered their work or you have not ignored him/her. When you need him in future, they will come very happily to help you and do your help with more enthusiasm.

This is one benefit of “Thanking” but my actual goal behind this article is “Saying Thanks to God!”

Everyone has their own view about the god, some believes it and some doesn’t. Some loves God and some has afraid of God. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling by Saying about their belief but I think there is one universal force that keeps this world going. ,it gives whatever we wish and whatever we deserve.

So, When you get something which you have wish earlier, don’t forget to say thanks to that ’Universal Force (God)’.

“Thanks for giving me everything”

“Thanks for Happy Life”

“Thanks for giving good family”

“Thanks for giving good life partner”

People generally remember god when they are in trouble but when they are happy they become busy in celebration.

“If you can’t say thanks to God for every smile, you have no right to blame God for every tear”

When you smile be thankful to God. Now you think “What happens if I don’t say this?” Or “Why thank god?” etc...etc...

I might not have all these answer but I can say that this is a thing to experience. Experience this power of thanking. Do it for short period of time, say thanks to God for everything that makes you happy today. Do it from heart. You will sure experience the difference by getting more happy moments in you life. More smiles on your face.]

I complete here, I have not more to write about this. More you do more you explore about it, comment your views about this. I am sure some of you already using this power.

Thank You for Reading.