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Monday, January 30, 2012

7 way of Success

જીવનમાં સફળતા મેળવવા માટે જેટલાં સાધન બતાવવામાં આવ્યાં છે એમાં વિદ્વાનોએ સાત સાધનોને પ્રથમ સ્થાન આપ્યું છે.
  1. પરિશ્રમ અને પુરુષાર્થ
  2. આત્મવિશ્વાસ અને સ્વાવલંબન
  3. જિજ્ઞાસા અને લગન
  4. ત્યાગ અને બલિદાન
  5. સ્નેહ અને સહાનુભૂતિ
  6. સાહસ અને નિર્ભયતા
  7. પ્રસન્નતા અને માનસિક સંતુલન
જે મનુષ્ય પોતાના જીવનવ્યવહારમાં આ સાત સાધનોનો સમાવેશ કરી લે છે તે દરેક સ્થિતિમાં ઇચ્છિત સફળતા મેળવે છે.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Develope Your Decision Making Power


Aristotle,  the great philosopher has said:
"Our happiness and future is based on the Decision so what to do in Life that must be your Decision"
there is no injection available in medical to develop decision making power. Decision making power is developed by experience, communication and self confidence.

Follow this to develop Decision Making Power
  1. Think seriously on what you have decided, is that possible in reality?
  2. Analyze the situation you are dealing with so that you can make a decision.
  3. Take decision by observing scenario and all aspects related with that decision
  4. Try to avoid over thinking and doubting yourself
  5. Take self review of your decision
  6. If you are not sure on your decision then take advice of person who can give you right guidance
  7. don't let anyone to take decision for you, make your own decision. It is alright if you want to take others opinions into consideration.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Power of Thoughts

power of thoughts

the power of thought is endless. When you think with full and strong concentration about something that you want to happen, and your mind does not resist the subject of your thought, your thought materializes.

"The secret is concentrating, visualizing, seeing details, having faith and projecting mental and emotional energy into the mental scene."
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