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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Five Ways To Keep your Dreams Alive

  1. Write Your Dream Down – And Read It Daily
    Just write down your Dreams on paper, and hang it to one place where you can see it daily, you can also put it into your wallet..

  2. Just Spend Five Minutes A Day On It
    Once You Decided What you want after that Give some time to your dreams, just think about it, Sit alone in peaceful place and Feel your dreams already true

  3. Give Something Else Up So You Can Spend Time On Itwhen you want to work on your dreams, and you say “I wish I could, but I really have to _____”, those magic words have just revealed to you where you can make time for your dreams, Do some commitments with yourself that I give regular time for my dreams

  4. Visualize Yourself Living It.
     I like visualizing my dreams. there are times where I just relax and daydream. In addition to that, I try to visualize not just the end state (which I am not sure is discernible from my daydreaming!), but also visualize the steps I take to get there. I also imagine how that moment feels, my thoughts, my personality – and that slowly changes me. For example, I’ve become much more assertive over the years, and I attribute that at least in part to visualizing myself as a confident, assertive person.

  5. Be Thankful to God
    always be thankful to God  it will help you to get your Dreams comes True,

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  1. dreams it and get it.. without dreaming u cant get.