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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last impression is Final impression

We have heard that First impression is last impression but I am not agreeing with that line, I believe that Last impression is Final impression.

Now a days, there are lots of change is being occurred so everyone will forget everything at after sometime but everyone will remember the last times situation. To judge the person people will see only last record of that person, not past record. If person has done good things at starting time but who fails to satisfy other at last time, people dislike him but person has done good thing at last time even if bad thing in past , everyone likes him.

Just think about this, even you go for job interview, interviewer will ask for your master degree result not for primary result because recent record always says true character and capability of that person.

So do good thing now because May this is your Last and it may become your Final

Life has changed, Mentality is also changed,


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